Diagnostic Accounting enhances the financial growth and management of your real estate business.

Whether you require bookkeeping, business structure consultation, or specialised tax services, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions based on expertise and experience. We are adept at interpreting financial data and translating it into strategies that are effective for the real estate sector.
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Bookkeeping for Real Estate
Navigate ATO compliance with expert bookkeeping.
Get a complete financial picture to guide your real estate operations.
Business Structure Advice
Choose the right structure for liability, taxes, and ATO compliance.
Tailored advice for principals and real estate agents.
Business Consulting
Strategies to run efficient operations and meet ATO criteria.
Gain valuable insights into the lucrative real estate industry.
Tax Accounting
Ensure compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations.
Maximise deductions and credits specific to the real estate industry.
Financial Accounting
Transparent and credible financial reporting.
Make informed decisions based on real estate industry benchmarks.
Asset Protection Strategies
Safeguard your assets in the real estate industry.
Implement legal, financial, and insurance measures.
Growing Your Real Estate Business
Financial analysis, budgeting, and cash flow management.
Strategic tax planning and compliance services.

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